Kim Long is a writer and researcher based in Denver, Colorado. He is the author of The American Forecaster Almanac, an annual book that covered consumer and business trends in the United States from 1984 to 2006. This essential trend report and its author have been widely interviewed and reported on in the media, including local and national print, radio, and television. In 2009, the American Forecaster was relaunched as Eat In Eat Out, a projected series of business reports focusing on single industries and industry sectors: this project existed only as a single issue experiment.

The author has been a nationally syndicated columnist with News America Syndicate and a feature writer about American trends for Japanese magazines and other American publications, including Longevity, American Demographics Magazine, and The Old Farmers Almanac. The American Forecaster Almanac has also been serialized for national distribution by The Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

Since 1981, Mr. Long has produced The Moon Calendar, a poster-based layout featuring realistic images of the moon for every day of the year, the first publication of its kind. The Moon Calendar is currently published by The Experiment Publishing and as of 2019, there are more than 500,000 copies in print. Long also authored The Moon Book, a companion volume that describes the cycles and phenomenon associated with the Moon; The Moon Book 3rd Edition is available in print and ebook editions through Proxmo Press.. The Moon Almanac continues this thirty-year tradition.

In 2012, Proximo Press was created to provide a home for ongoing almanacs, calendars, and digital publications, and a launching point for new titles and publishing concepts..

Other books authored by Kim Long include: The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals, and Dirty Politics (2007, Bantam Dell/Random House), The Astronaut Training Book for Kids (1990, E.P. Dutton/Lodestar), Writing in Bullets (2003, Running Press), The Trout Almanac (1987, Johnson Books), Encyclopedia of Field Trips and Educational Destinations (1991, ABC-Clio), Directory of Educational Contests for Students, K-12 (1991, ABC-Clio), The Almanac of Anniversaries (1992, ABC-Clio), Squirrels: A Wildlife Handbook (1995, Johnson Books), Wolves: A Wildlife Handbook (1996, Johnson Books), Hummingbirds: A Wildlife Handbook (1997, Johnson Books), Owls: A Wildlife Handbook (1998, Johnson Books), Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook (1999, Johnson Books), Beavers: A Wildlife Handbook (2000, Johnson Books), and  Prairie Dogs: A Wildlife Handbook (2002, Johnson Books).